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"Creating Life Change"

We create positive life change for Kids, Youth and Adults by developing martial art athletes, with character and leadership skills that prepare them to excel in life.

Through excellence in martial arts instruction We Develop Martial Arts Athletes that possess physical, mental, and character skills to prepare them for life’s toughest challenges.  Through our Hyper-Pro Training program students become elite athletes with skills that will amaze their peers and give them confidence to achieve anything they can dream.  In our Leadership Program students are taught how to Create Life Change in others, starting these leaders on a path to develop the most sought after skills in the business world.  Our Honor Guard program provides a service to families needing after school care in a nurturing environment. We offer special classes for Homeschool students that will fit into your family’s schedule. 

What life change do you want?  

Would you like your kids to have more discipline, self-control, or focus?  Do they need self-confidence to stand up to a bully?  Do you need them to put down the video game and spend time improving their fitness and health with a fun activity?  

Are you an adult needing to get in shape?  Do you want to gain self-defense skills that will improve your self image? Do you want to challenge yourself to learn something new and gain self confidence that will benefit you on your job?  Do you want to learn how to improve your diet and lifestyle for optimum health?      

We are all seeking life change.  Why not join with many others here that have created life change for themselves and their families?  Our team of professionals are ready to help you!  

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Pflugerville Martial Arts & Fitness Classes

Pflugerville Rise Academy offers training in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Kids Taekwondo, Adult Taekwondo which includes fitness training, Karate Classes, Self Defense Classes!  Visit our program page to see all Pflugerville Rise Martial Arts programs.  Contact Pflugerville Texas Martial Arts for more information.

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Read what people are saying about our programs.

"2 Years ago our daughter was scheduled for another round of physical therapy when we found your school. Since then she has vastly improved her proprioception and balance while at the same time growing pride, enthusiasm and feelings of empowerment, humbleness. plus physical and emotional strength. These are virtues that more physical therapy could not have given her. You have truly changed her life for the better."
Parent of a Junior Student

"TaeKwonDo is good, wholesome fun! From it I have gained the self-confidence to launch my own business; something I had dreamed of for years, but never had the guts to pursue until 1 year ago. Reaching goals and milestones in TaeKwonDo demonstrated to me that I could accomplish anything if I just wanted to do it badly enough and was willing to work for it."
Adult Student

"My Grandson has been a Taekwondo student for a couple of years now.

His teachers have commented on his improved ability to stay focused while completing his assignments. He was recently awarded "Principal's Pride" for doing a great job in reading and having a positive attitude.

We are proud of his personal achievement, but also feel that his participation in the TKD program helped him to achieve this recognition. He loves his classes and always leaves wishing they could last a little longer."
Grandparent of a Junior Student

… "I have seen improved behavior in your taekwondo student”
Principal of local elementary school

… “their ability to focus and concentrate has really improved”
Parent of Tiger Cub student

"I am not sure that everyone truly knows what it means to be a part of a school like this. Not only are you healing/nurturing/continuing your journey with mind, body, and spirit, but the people you meet are phenomenal and inspirational. Some of these people are those that you will remember and laugh with for the rest of your lives. Priceless what the Barkley's do for our community."
Adult TKD Student and Parent


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